2011’s Business Buzzwords to be Banned

19 12 2011

The results  — of our 2011 unscientific survey for the business buzzwords you’d like to killare in.

Based on a couple of hundred responses from communicators, PR and marketing types from about a dozen LinkedIn groups, here are the 20 most hated business buzzphrases:

  1. At the end of the day*
  2. Social media expert
  3. It is what it is*
  4. Reach out*
  5. Metrics
  6. Moving / going forward*
  7. Solutions / solutioning*
  8. Out of the box thinking*
  9. Paradigm shift
  10. Right-sizing
  11. Icon/iconic
  12. Visionary
  13. View from X-thousand feet
  14. State-of-the-art
  15. Best practices
  16. Engagement*
  17. Leverage* (as a verb)
  18. Any synthetic verb made by adding -ize to a noun – such as calendarize
  19. Seamless
  20. Integrate

Those marked with an * were also on 2010’s top 20 list (http://bit.ly/h3Axzj ).

 Thanks to all who participated!

Is your most-hated business buzzword included? Do you have any additions?


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